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big problem downtown. here is the forecast for this evening. cloudy skies and humid downside. look for scattered showers but areas of heavier downpours and temperatures in the seventies to low or epoxy. a fall forecast in when we can see some clearing in a few minutes, leon. >> there is no one more fearful than another rain event than people in the bloomingdale neighborhood. >> the skies opened above the neighborhood last night. this is not the first time it has happened this year. the water levels, up when the rain comes down. sam ford is live. >> one of the residents said to me today it's unbelievable what this is doing to the psyche of this neighborhood. it flooded again last night. the fire department having to rescue people in cars. any news that there is more rain
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is a bad news for the d.c. bloomingdale neighborhood. this is the fourth time in two months they have had to deal with this. >> i'm nervous every time i see news reports that it's going to rain on pins and needles. >> it flooded along rhode island avenue and adjacent streets. it caused backups that literally exploded out of during the and toilets. >> we have to clean and ourselves several times. >> most of the people affected are homeowners and they want a solution. two weeks ago, they said the city would complete a $2.60 billion sewer. >> we cannot wait another month for this solution. >> the city appointed a task force and residents are asking why floods that used to happen every decade are now hitting
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every other week. quite something has happened. we need to get to the bottom of it. something with regards to the infrastructure has changed. >> and frustrated neighborhood clangs and worries. >> i do not want to become a prisoner in my own home. >> earlier today, some of the residents were complaining that this was a city holiday so there were no workers out here cleaning these sewage-filled streets and sidewalks. as you can see now this afternoon, residents -- you are ddot? cleaning the sewage-filled streets and sidewalks. hopefully this will be much better and things will go back to normal tomorrow. lyders from northwest washington, sam ford, abc 7 news. >> last night's heavy rains did not just blood out roads but it caused big issues for the metro
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system. there was the closure of the howard university station causing a writer there to take shuttle buses or find a different way to get where they were going. they may prepare for more rain tonight. >> metro inspectors and the sea water inspectors have an underground trying to figure out how comehis metro station flooded last night and had to be closed. so far, there was so much rain in such a short amount of time. whatever the reason, the result is a lot of unhappy customers. the signs of last night's flooding was still apparent that the metro station this morning. a layer of mud is still on the track and the smell of water lenders. they shut their doors around 8:00 class night. offer shuttle buses between mount vernon and georgia avenue but many people had to find other ways home. >> it's inconvenient to go find another stop that works.
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>> for others, just another frustration. >> do i need to come out early to go to work? it always messes up. i want to buy a car now. >> it's good that it cleaned up quickly this morning and we were able to ride. >> apply was a regular commuter come and be a potential issue. -- if i was a regular. >> metro's as they are bringing in more pomps so that if there is heavy rain, they will be able to pump it out right away. live from the shah metro, mark segraves, abc 7 news. >> you can see more pictures right now on our web site, but it happens again, send us pictures or video of the flooding that you captured. the address for that is
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to stay on top of the weather situation, check out the weather page on you can get the latest on our storm watch a seven app for iphone or android. >> the body was pulled from the river this morning and it is believed to have been spotted north of the bridge. it was taken from the water downriver near the boat house. richard is live in northwest with more on what we know about this investigation. richard. >> we're just getting some new information. police are saying this was a 65- year-old man who was fully clothed and discovered by some fishermen with his body floating below the surface, a sad discovery today on the potomac. it was a sobering scene. they recovered the body described only as an adult white male round to o'clock 15 this afternoon.
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earlier, the had gotten a call an individual in the potomac about 500 miles north and it became apparent that this was not a rescue but a recovery. the body was pulled out of the river near the georgetown waterfront. it's not clear whether the man was a swimmer, a boater, or doing something else. they say the current can be dangerous and deceptive. >> you hear about it pulling people wonder who do not know how to swim. the park service is very strict about this with putting out the cautionary notes. >> unfortunately we get these reports a few times per year. police are trying to identify this man trying to figure out why he was in the water. live in northwest washington abc 7 news. >> big honors for a man killed in afghanistan with a sea of red, white, and blue to
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wandering the peace deal from maryland. his body was returned home to bed water this morning. this shows us the emotional heroes' welcome. but the procession for petty officer feeks made its way into bed water and she was overcome with emotion. -- into edgewater, she was overcome. >> their hearts ache for the families whose loved ones do not make it home. >> we're grateful that people care. just to be there and show their support. it is indescribable. >> he was killed last month in afghanistan when the helicopter he was in crashed during the firefight. he had been on deployment since last december.
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>> it's sad he lost his life serving our country. >> this is not the homecoming anyone wanted, the small town came out in a big way to support the family. >> they give of their lives for freedom. it's the least we can do. >> he leaves behind his parents sister, and wife. this community now says they will protect his legacy and all of those he served. >> i thank god we never had to experience that. we're so proud of him. >> his funeral will be in arlington national cemetery and he will be laid to rest with full military honors. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. >> the democratic national convention gets underway tomorrow but today enjoying a
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star-studded labor day celebration in charlotte. it featured entertainment by many obama supporters including jeff, james taylor, and others. local analysts call it the most open convention in history. coming up, more on the day's festivities and what is ahead at the convention. abc 7 will be in charlotte for the convention. gordon peterson and scott thuman are already on their way, so look for their reports at 5, 6 and 11. >> still to come, a trio of dangerous, invasions over the weekend. we will hear from one of the victims. >> local baseball fans talking about the clock ticking down for the nats hottest pitcher. what is going on for the rest of the season? >> a huge fire through a historic hotel. >> the president prepares to check out the destruction from
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hurricane is it.
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>> president obama will be in a louisiana to get a firsthand look at the destruction from
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hurricane is it. >> it was just a category one storm but it left behind damage and misery out of proportion. t.j. has the latest on is epoxied long-lasting impact on the gulf coast. >> don, but not forgot them. "i lost my vehicle everything. what i have with me now is what i own. >> it continues to recap it. it is finally expected to crest today meaning these homes are still in danger of flooding. on top of an all, hundreds of thousands have had no electricity, no air-conditioning for six days. the heat index this week and topping 105 degrees as they struggle to clean up. in the meanwhile, they keep and nervous eye on this. they were told to evacuate
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quickly in the fears that it could rupture unleashing a wall 11 feet high. >> the current situation is that everything is stable. >> throughout the south tornadoes are still possible. there forecasted to bring heavy rain, but even though it means short-term flooding, the rains will be beneficial in the long term, especially in the south and midwest that have been dealing with droughts. then there a tropical storm lesley, forecasted to strengthen in a hurricane and likely effect of bermuda later in the week. president obama will get a firsthand look at the damage later today when he visits one of the hardest-hit areas, st. john baptist parish. >> the 100,000 customers without power or spread out with the best majority of them in the louisiana. is it has been blamed for the death of five people. >> tried to get the upper hand
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on this brush fire in the san gabriel mountains. it was only about 5% contained. 1000 campers and residents have been evacuated as a precaution. they're trying to determine what caused the massive fire. a vacant hotel in portland, ore., was destroyed by fire. you can see how massive the blaze was. firefighters battled by ground and by boat. they expect the building to smolder for several days. fortunately, no one was hurt. that is incredible. >> we have had to contend with a bit of flooding in the bloomingdale neighborhood. what about the rest of the week? >> we're waiting for similar pop up cells. we had the big flare-up in downtown over by howard university. but not a drop of airport at
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the airport. it is only about 4.5 miles, not a huge distance in terms of location but it just come down a lot of rain in a very short time. looking outside right now it's quiet and dry. the cloud will stick around for not only tonight but even into wednesday and finally clearing into the day on thursday along with warmer temperatures. 82 at the airport. do point levels in the lower 70's. the wind will be easing overnight. here it is. our current temperature and daytime high. 83 martinsburg. dulles 84. leesburg showing 78 degrees. so far today 0.6 inches of rain. no rain to speak of at george
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washington university. stevens bill, maryland, 0.8 inches of rain -- stevensville. temperatures will cool overnight. 81 is the current temperature in winchester where the clouds have been thicker. now we're looking at some stronger storms just to the north and east of the sea in the baltimore area. what is now left of isaac is the orange area. we will look for this area of low pressure to slowly move our direction as it moves through the next 24-48 hours. with the clouds comes a better chance for heavier downpour into the day tomorrow and we cannot rule out the chance for flash flooding. we will be on the lookout for the next few days. right now, no flash flood warnings across the immediate metro area. doppler radar showing right conditions. just to the north and west of
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us toward baltimore is where we have the heavier cells. clouds will stick around overnight. we will be in the eight epoxy for the day tomorrow. look for plenty of clouds on wednesday along with showers and scattered thunderstorms. these showers and storms will stick around and they will have the potential to drop heavier amounts of rain, one or two inches, not out of the question. showers and patchy fog overnight. mid-60's's to low 70's. for tomorrow, a series of heavier rain expected with temperatures around 85 degrees. the extended outlook will call for a warm up by thursday. upper 80's on friday. the upcoming weekend saturday and sunday looks like a pop up with some showers and storms flaring out and that will dry things up going into early next week.
5:19 pm is ron my home for abc weather. if you find yourself under one of these stronger cells, check out the interactive doppler radar to see where the storms are moving. last night for 45 minutes, it remained over northwest d.c. where they're having all those problems. >> the next facebook giveaway is a viewer favorite. >> we're giving away, once again, a new ipad. you have until friday afternoon to sign up on and we will announce the winner on "good morning washington." >> here's a look at what's coming up on abc primetime. starting with a brand new episode of "bachelor pad" then "castle." >> we have a lot still ahead on abc 7 news at 5. d.c. has some new speed cameras
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ready to snap expensive photos of your license plates. >> the hits and misses of the summer. arch has a look at the movies he thinks are the most memorable of the season. >> two m
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the middle class is carrying a heavy load in america. but mitt mney doesn't't see it. under the romney plan, a middle class family will pay an arage of up to $2,000 more a year in taxes. while at the same time giving multi-millionaires like himselelf a $250,000 tax cut so, romney hits the middle class harder... and gives millionaires an even bigger break. is that the way forward for america? i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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>> nats fans have mixed feelings that strassberg will not have much to do for the rest of the season. >> his next game is next wednesday. natasha barrett talked to ban that today's game and she has more with what she heard out there. that caution. what they knew it was going to happen. it has been so hard to contemplate a post-season without a star of the team. september 12th, strasburg's
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season will end. they knew this day was coming. >> at the right decision for him and the team. they need to take it slow coming back from surgery. >> the need to be careful with him coming off of surgery. they say he is one pitcher who looks like he does not need to be shut down. >> if we lose, we do not want it to be because strasburg was not pitching. >> he will start to timber seventh against miami. last appearance will most likely be five days later against the mets. strasburg mentioned he may challenge the shutdown dates. >> it's all like a really focus on right now. we're going back to sit down and focus. >> there are fans that are glad there is a plan in place.
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>> he needs to rest. >> everything goes well and we have him good for the post- season, that will be good. john lannon is most likely the person who's going to do the job. he spent most of his season in a.a.a. the-of barrett, abc7 news. -- natasha barrett. >> a school bus battle in a local community. >> parents are having to make a backup plan to get their kids to school tomorrow morning. >> nearly one year after tropical storm in, they're still rebuilding their homes. why now it is a race against the clock. >> when you lock consult your side -- inside your home, but
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three times in a 13-hour period, anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in prince george's county. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. ndreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed d to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we continue with news of a frightening weekend of crime in the district. >> police are looking into three home invasions and tonight we hear from one of the victims of the violent crimes. jennifer donelan is live in northeast washington with more on this developing story. >> just a few moments ago, i spoke to a few of the victims. in the third case, it was a house filled with people including a 5-year-old little girl. here is that story. >> what's going to happen next? they could have killed all of us. >> terror at this home in southeast. >> it's scary. >> four men all armed with guns
5:30 pm
made a homeowner and his friends go inside the house and ordered them to lay down. >> the victim was asleep downstairs saying he was forced into the living room. >> they told me to lay down on the floor and to not look at them. >> police say it was the third attack like it in a 13-hour window. a group of men invaded here in northeast. two hours later, the 75-year- old southeast woman said a gunman kicked in her door. then this attack 0.4 mile away at 2:00 a.m. >> these people are just running all around. >> there was a 5-year-old girl upstairs. the mother kept asking for her. they wanted cash, jewelry and
5:31 pm
pann numbers. he kept saying, "give me the numbers and no one will get hurt. we do not want to hurt anybody. >> as quickly as it had begun it was over. >> the police were coming in the door. they weren't on. >> gone with their cash and sense of peace. >> no one can go sleep after someothing like that. what's all the victims are extremely disturbed. two new victims have not been identified as of yet. have not heard from metropolitan police, but we believe the three cases are connected. jennifer donelan abc 7 news. >> there is a new incentive in the district to slow down, one dozen new speed cameras going live. the fines range from $75 all the way to $250. most of the cameras are in. notorious for speeding including
5:32 pm
massachusetts ave. >> a time to look at today's top stories. people gathered in maryland to remember a navy seal killed in afghanistan. the body of petty officer first class feeks was blown from dover to his home town of edgewater. he died when his chopper went down last month during a firefight. >> people in bloomingdale are still cleaning up on this labor day after another round of floods. it even shut down a metro station. this is the fourth time this summer it has happened. >> president obama is visiting louisiana to see the damage caused by the hurricane. nearly one week after it came ashore, thousands of people are without power and many communities are under water. fem,aa is helping with recovery and rebuilding efforts. >> nearly one year after tropical storm lee, some people in woodbridge are still without
5:33 pm
a home. displaced residents there are now scrambling to make repairs before county inspectors come out tomorrow. if they pass the test, some of them could finally move back in their homes. pamela brown has the story. >> or martin garcia, it means more time to work preparing his holley acres trailer home. >> i'm working every day. >> he's putting on the finishing touches making sure there is no mauled in the walls. he hopes that one day soon be able to reclaim his home for the sake of his three children. >> this is for my kids. >> many of the homes on this land have now been demolished. the surrounding homes are still deemed on state to occupy. the county has given the homeowners occupied to restore their homes, something residents say they are thankful for.
5:34 pm
>> we were displaced from our homes. >> tomorrow, the inspectors will be visiting some of these trailer homes to determine whether they are safe. this is nearly one year after dozens of families were displaced by tropical storm lee. >> i don't have a place to live. >> local volunteers have helped to ease the process for those most in need. >> they are going to help the people with no money. >> garcia says help or not, he's confident he will have a home again soon. >> in another month or two, we should be back. i'm going to do it. >> pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> a water main causing issues just before 7:00 this morning right in front of the memorial chapel at the university of maryland.
5:35 pm
they had to shut down regent and chapel drive to repair the break. class's were out of session because it was closed for labor day. >> surging gas prices could soon come to an end which is good news. the national price is now $3.83. that could drop by 20 cents fairly soon. the end of the summer travel season and gulf coast refineries going back to work after the hurricane could lead to lower gas prices. >> time for a check for the d.c. area from this long labor day weekend. >> happy labor day to you. let's begin with the biggest issues. people try to get back in the district. this continues towards the 53 01 merge. in little more congestion approaching the bay bridge. once you cross over the bridge
5:36 pm
towards annapolis, back at speed. capital beltway looking good. in college park and the 270 server looking good. no issues to report on the american legion bridge. 395 express northbound, restrictions lifted for the federal holiday and or delays north or south bound. back to you. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 5, prices are going to go up. why you will be paying more for your favorite snack. >> what did you like at the movies this summer? i'm arch campbell with a the five to remember next. >> it traffic alert targeting many of you across the region
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>> this past summer was filled with plenty of great movies. >> but which were the absolute best? sometimes the ones that make the money are the best, but arch campbell has his top five summer movies to remember this year. >> its labor day, so it's a good time to look back on the summer. there are some we want to
5:40 pm
remember and some to forget about. this document to the biggest spenders in history and turned a kid's a teddy bear into a trash- talking pal. >> now might be a good time for you to get angry. >> that's the key. i'm always angry. >> summertime smash, "the avengers" the super hero smorgasbord. >> oh, my god. that's my closet. >> the queen of her side, the family as they build the biggest, in america -- the queen of versailles. ♪ >> you in there? he flew the coop. >> wes anderson, "moonrise king
5:41 pm
dom," two 12 year-old running away for an adventure. >> you have my permission to die. >> best finale, "the dark knight." >> where are my manners? this is an elite -- angelique and sauvignon blanc. >> best comedy -- "ted." the trash talking teddy bear. this weekend, "the position" -- "the possession" won. >> the 5 to forget? i've already forgotten them. broughtto you by cirque du sole il. >> we got the message. up next on abc 7 news at 5, some help for kelly ripa.
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>> the big announcement expected tomorrow. plus, -- >> plans are coming into contact
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>> we're back with a new report saying the government is not doing enough to keep planes from colliding with birds. >> passengers and pilots are becoming concerned. kendis gibson has more on this report from reagan national airport. >> maureen and leon, the report is 30 pages long and it shows that despite an increase in the number of birds coming in contact with planes, very little is being done to counteract it. there are large birds and plants operating in an increasingly crowded environment with potentially deadly consequences. a new report by the department of transportation sews there were 75 incidents involving birds and planes at reagan,
5:46 pm
dulles, and bwi within the last five years. there were 1800 in 1990 and nearly 10,000 last year. >> in retrospective, how many birds are there? we are next to the potomac. all of these waterways are not too far away. the number of birds is probably in the millions. >> they say that the exact reason for the spike. after the miracle on the hudson three years ago, they spent more than $400 million to control the bird population near airports. the inspector general's report found nearly half of the reports were not keeping up with guidelines to prevent a bird strikes. >> reagan and dallas have a full-time experts to help control the bird population. passengers can only hope for the best every time they take to the air. >> i put my faith in the pilot
5:47 pm
and god. >> it really is a dangerous problem. the merkel on the hudson was exactly that, in merkel. some 25 people have died as a result of birds coming into contact with planes. kendis gibson abc 7 news. >> the midwest drought is hitting all crops including popcorn. the retail prices is jumping $20 to more than $30 for a five- pound bag. moviegoers will be seeing a slight price increase for the bucket of popcorn at theaters. >> many people are enjoying the celebrations across the dc area. the greenbelt posted its labor day parade this morning something for everyone to enjoy from the color guard, beauty queens, and floats.
5:48 pm
the annual parade demonstrates the diverse cultural background. >> tomorrow will be a big day for morning talk show host kelly ripa. bets are former nfl star michael strahan will be getting the spot. they have brought in more than 25 guest hosts since regis philbin retired. prince andrew proves he is not afraid of heights. he was one of 40 people to repel down a skyscraper all in london on monday. the feat was in an effort to raise money for charity in the u.k. and survival training for teenagers. prince andrew said he enjoyed the challenge but will never, ever do it again. abc 7 is tracking the big stories of the day. coming up tonight at 6 --
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>> the countdown to the democratic national convention in charlotte and the big campaign issues on the table for both parties. >> we remain on storm watch for parts of the district that were hit hard last night. we will have those stories and any breaking news coming up right here at 6:00. >> let's get an update on the weather. what's going on out there? >> let's start you off with a look at the abc 7 live super doppler radar. nothing across the immediate metro area but the one cell we have to the north and east across baltimore county which is now starting to phase out. we did see some slow-moving cells develop overnight. this is when it looks like in terms of bringing total through the day on tuesday. then finally on thursday, we could pick up another and share
5:50 pm
if not more across the metro area and even higher amounts north and east as we head toward bwi marshall and aberdeen, md. just to the north and east of us, we still have the flash flood warning until about 7:15 this evening for baltimore county. take a look at the futurecast for the next 48 hours. temperatures will warm into the mid 80's tomorrow. look for those pop-up showers and thunderstorms to finally move out of here by late wednesday into early thursday morning. lows in the mid 60's with a little bit of patchy fog early tomorrow morning. daytime highs will rebound in to the 80's. the extended outlook, if you like the hotter weather, 90 degrees on the board for thursday followed by a bit of a cool down for the weekend. for the latest weather blogs and our interactive radar. more in the forecast for the
5:51 pm
rest of the week coming up. >> tim brant checking in this weekend. >> how great is this to see the nats doing what they are doing? early september in a pennant race and we're watching the scoreboard. the lead at 6.5 games in the east. this afternoon, allowing four hits over seven strong innings against the cubs today. he had a live arm with a lot of control. how about this guy, leading off with this baby right here. goodbye, baseball. 82nd win of the season, their first winning season since moving to washington. strasburg be starting just two more games. they sat down with the right hander about the two more starts. he did not want to set out the rest of the season.
5:52 pm
this is a competitor. this is a storybook season. they all say it's the right thing to do. he will start friday, here against miami. and then september 12th in new york. then they will shut it down. >> i'm focusing on the next start. that's all i can really focus on right now. i'm going to have to sit down and talk about it soon. i'm in this with these guys and we've still got a long way to go. >> that place will be rocking friday. now to the redskins. they have their rosters set in the first death chart has been released. it's a game week in the nfl and the mood has changed. robert griffin iii is just a rookie. it will be allowed. rg3 is a pretty cool customer. a 9.5 point underdog.
5:53 pm
>> it he says he has something to say. what do you think? >> up next on abc 7 news at 5. >> some arlington parents are dealing with this
5:54 pm
president clinton: this election to me is about which... candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. this is a clear choice. the republic plan isis to cut more taxes on upper-income... people and go back to deregulation. that's what got us in trouble in the first place. president obama has a plan to rebuild america from... the ground up, investing in innovation, education... and job training. it onlworks if there is a strong middle class. that's what happened when i was president. we need to keep going with is plan. president obama: i'm barack obama and... i approve this message.
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>> the school year begins tomorrow in arlington. >> getting to the school may be an issue. they are changing the policies on he was allowed to ride the bus to school. the parents are having to a range ways for their kids to get to class on times. ras lyders live in arlington. -- roz plater is live. >> they are appealing this decision. the appeal has been denied. they're trying to find out what to do and they're weighing their options. bright and early tuesday morning, arlington school buses
5:57 pm
will be carrying fewer students than last year. these parents are scrambling. figuring out how to get their kids to school in what they fear may be a congested nightmare. >> do we have them get to school or do we have them walk? we feel it's unsafe. >> they will not increase the number of walkers. they will increase the number of drivers. >> they said to ease overcrowding that they would have a policy that if you live less than a mile, you want. only students with a voucher would be allowed on buses. they signed an on-line petition protesting but the school is sticking to their guns. >> there is a reason why we had buses. >> it will take us weeks to appeal. school starts tomorrow. >> they say they're trying to help by expanding the drop-off.
5:58 pm
to accommodate what could be dozens more parents in their cars dropping off and picking up their kids. >> will add another 30 minutes to the day. for someone with kids, that's a really long. >> there have been told to expect more police officers around the school zones to deal with the traffic congestion tomorrow morning and in the afternoon. that is just a temporary fix. parents are still looking for solutions. roz plater abc 7 news. >> that is it for us on abc7 news at 5. >> abc 7 news at 6 begins now in storm watch. >> alive in hd. this is abc 7 news at 6. on your side. >> we are on storm watch. more scattered storms moving in our direction. that has thousands in the district maryland, and virginia on the lookout for flooding.
5:59 pm
>> steve rudin joins us with a first look at what to expect. >> we are tracking the remnants of isaac. quiet and dry around the beltway. toward baltimore and aberdeen, that is where we are seeing a few showers at this time. they will stick around for the evening hours, similar to last night. we will see pop up clusters of heavier downpours throughout the overnight hours and into the day tomorrow. look at these rain totals from yesterday. almost 3.75 inches at children's hospital in the district. over 1.5 inch in woodstock. the forecast for the remainder of this evening shows temperatures falling into the 70's. we will eventually see over

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